Fake Flame at Disney

Fake Flame - Lion King Production

Fake Flame™ is a trademarked system designed and built by Back Stage Technologies in the UK which uses multiple disciplines to produce an extremely realistic simulated flame. Fake Flame™ creates the illusion of real gas flames but uses absolutely no flammable products.

Primarily designed for use in the theatre, within theme park attractions and on concert tours where real gas flames are considered too dangerous or compliance with health and safety regulations is simply not possible, the Fake Flame™ system is now also considered within other industries such as stage shows on ocean liners (where naked flames are strictly forbidden) and as effects within architectural features and open “fires” within commercial buildings.

The Fake Flame™ system can be built to virtually any size to suit individual applications although standard widths are 500, 600, 1000, 1200 & 1500mm. These systems produce a linear flame equivalent to the aforementioned width. Individual units are manufactured such that they can butt-together giving the illusion of a continual run of fire and any size.

Fake Flame™ also comes in various models, i.e. the standard surface mounted unit for use in effects that start at eye level or above and also in a flush-mounted units for mounting in stage floors etc. which will allow actors to stand on or walk through the flames if desired. A colour-change unit is also available if you want blue or green flames rather than the standard propane orange colours.

Fake Flame™ gives the most realistic effect in low ambient light conditions so is ideally suited to theme park dark rides, theatres, concerts, exhibitions, visitor attractions, museum exhibits etc.

Our standard Fake Flame™ unit is not designed to work outdoors as wind conditions are usually too high to afford a realistic effect however, we have designed and built bespoke simulated flames for outdoor use – most notably the Aspire Tower in Qatar where we were asked to replace the 12m high “Olympic” style gas flame atop the 300m high tower with a simulated one. We achieved this replacement with a simulate flame that was not only the same size as the gas flame but a quarter of the original price and much cheaper to run – not to mention safer!

To truly do the effect justice you need to see it in person as you can never experience the realism fully in photographs or on video. To arrange a demo for your next project please contact us.

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